An Open Forum On Incident Response with Jeff Wichman

By on June 21, 2017

Join us at the space for the first official InfoSec night hosted by Wasabi and Understudy77 with special guest speaker Jeff Wichman, the director of Enterprise Incident Management with Optiv security. New or experienced in InfoSec topics, come out and enjoy some pleasant conversation and a transfer of knowledge regarding digital forensics, IT consulting, Malware […]

Beginning Prepping Skills – The Prepper Law of Threes Class (6/9)

By on May 16, 2017

You are bound to hear about “prepping”. Depending upon the source of the info, “preppers” are nut jobs, militia-types, snake-eaters, etc.  Or they are rich loners who can survive the apocalypse, fight off alien invaders from their underground bunkers, and can afford $20,000 sniper rifles.  The reality is that anyone can become a competent prepper […]