Greetings Fellow Hackers/Crackers/White Hats/Black Hats/Security Enthusiasts/Newbs/Leets

Wasabi and Understudy are going to breath some life back into the INFOSEC part of Unallocated Space. We will cover all types of Talks, Presentations, and Workshops.

We want to Teach, Learn, and Build in the Spirit of Unallocated Space but with a twist toward INFOSEC.

We want to TEACH topics and concepts and present information for people to learn from for both defense and offense.

We want to LEARN from each other. We will hold Workshops and exchange information about all kinds of things to include anything from personal setups and networks to trying to break the Zodiac killer letters.

We want to BUILD the community. We are in this together. We as a INFOSEC community must get together and share all the cool things we know how to do so we can all do them and protect our privacy, networks, and information.

We want to create an environment for new people to the community to learn. We also want to have a place for people who have advanced skills to get together and do cool things by coding something up or reversing something.

Our format will include: Classes, Work Groups, Q&A night, and Guest Speakers.

We will also have Red V Blue nights. The topics covered will either fall in the offensive and defensive category and will one day build up to a Red V Blue CTF.

I have a list of topics and ideas to cover but if you have an idea for a Work Group or class please let me know. If you have something you want to teach or share let me know and I will get you on the schedule.

All skill levels expected and demanded. So with this in mind some nights will be at at basic 101 level and some nights will be at a 301 advanced level. This will be apart of the event announcement on our social media and calendar. I want to bring all skill levels together to learn and have fun. But in the essence of not wasting someones time people will know what to expect beforehand. That way someone advanced at something wont sit in a 101 class and be bored to tears, and on the other side it is recommended a 101 person not come to a 301 night because they will feel left behind. You can still show up to any class but the training wheels will be off at the 301. And if you know a lot about a topic and want to help at a 101 course then you are welcome to attend. Most topics will be covered at basic and advanced levels so no one will be left out. Not all Nights or events will be in this format.


Keep an eye on the calendar for Fridays and sometimes Thursdays for the events to come.