lockpickOn the 4th Wednesday of the month, during our Open House, we also host the The Open Organization of Lockpickers Regional Meetup.

Currently our meetup exists to support a hands on approach for beginners who want to learn about pin and tumbler lock-picking and veteran pickers who want to discuss more advanced topics like security pins, different locking mechanisms, key impressioning, decoding, and safe manipulation.

Typically we cover a primer on the single pin picking (SPP) of pin and tumbler locks over the course of 15 minutes. Then spend about 35-40 doing hands on picking together before moving back to class-wide Q&A briefly. Then we spend the rest of the time picking and talking about the hobby. The 15 minutes of the presentation is formal, the rest is not.

If you have lockpicks or locks you’re encouraged to bring them, though do we sell introductory kits and have a set of beginner locks and picks anyone can use.

Instructor Note
Hey I’m Flay. I’ve been lockpicking for years and was the 2 time winner of the GrrCon ‘Cage of shame’ lockpicking challenge. I think its great fun, and I’m excited to be able to encourage others in the hobby. Its my goal to ensure that everyone who comes to the meetup walks away having picked at least one lock and that all the veterans learn something from each other.